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July 11

Featured book review: The Do Over, by Mark Gillespie

The Do Over, by Mark Gillespie, is a remarkably insightful read. Phil Collier, a 55 year-old attorney is on the cusp of death when something odd happens and he suddenly finds himself in another dimension, a place between life and death, one where Phil soon discovers that he is being given a choice; to either […]

April 08

Featured Author Spotlight: B. Roman

Our Feature Author Spotlight on B. Roman International Writers Inspiring Change: Tell us about yourself. “Like many writers my background is somewhat eclectic. I began performing as a jazz/pop vocalist while still a teenager and continue performing a concert or two each year.  Through the years I was always writing in one form or another – […]

April 08

Featured Book: The Chronicles of Tonath (Book 3) by Mari Collier

Tonath is a planet in danger of being torn apart. Only one can inherit the knowledge to one day save the Tonathian people, and her name is Marika. It’s been seventeen years since her father passed.  Coming of age, she inherits a cattle hold, a trust account, and many gifts. One special gift is a […]

September 29

Feature Book: Dead, But Not Gone: Are You Part of the Soul-Bridge to Guide Them Home? by Toby Evans

  What are readers saying? *** Five Stars *** “This book is hands down one of my favorites and has made the greatest impact on me. Such valuable information and stories, and down-to-earth spiritual guidance that truly any of us could learn. Applying Toby’s wisdom to my own experiences has helped me transform my fear […]

June 09

Review: November Fox – Book 1: Following Joy: A Metaphysical Visionary Fable, by E.E. Bertram

  NOVEMBER FOX – Book 1: Following Joy: A Metaphysical Visionary Fable, by E.E. Bertram 4 STARS A mystical, visionary fable with whimsical elements and humor. This story is chock full with interesting characters and an entertaining read that involves travels to other worlds on different levels and times, and weaved with imaginative connectivity between worlds […]

April 30

Review: HYPNOSIS: A Return to the Past, by Maria Inês Rebelo

HYPNOSIS: A Return to the Past, by Maria Inês Rebelo, is a four star read. Marcus Belling is a world-famous hypnotist who takes on a new client, a mysterious woman named Anne Pauline Roux. Anne possesses a rare power when hypnotized, one which will affect both their lives in ways they could never imagine. As […]

March 27

Book review: Stranded: The Short Story Collection Series, by Michael Priv

Stranded: The Short Story Collection Series, by Michael Priv, is a short story with a wild twist. What appears to be a military engagement between two forces turns out to be something else entirely, and the “something” is not what one might think. A well-written, action-packed tale with a surprise ending. Just read it! Book […]

October 25

Book Review: MIMADAMOS: The Eden of Choice, by Chadi B. Ghaith

MIMADAMOS: The Eden of Choice, by Chadi B. Ghaith, is a philosophical fantasy about the origins and purpose of man. It is an interesting read, flowing nicely and with characters who are unusual. The story has elements of surprise and awe, the pull of evil and the battle within. This is a book that gives […]

May 22

Book Spotlight on “ALVAR’S SPEAR” – a visionary and metaphysical sci-fi fantasy by Charles Freedom Long. Now released!

A new novel in the Seven Worlds series From the Award-Winning author, Charles Freedom Long Thirty years after dancing with the dead, half-Terran, half-Antal, Gar has just one desperate last chance to save the Antal hive from immolation at the hands of its own mother, the sentient moon-world, Alvar. He must do this before a […]