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July 06

Featured book: TALON: Come Fly with Me, by Gigi Sedlmayer

Nine year old Matica lives in a remote village on a dry plateau in the Andes of Peru. She moved to Peru when she was five with Australian missionary and schoolteacher parents. Because Matica is trapped in the body of a two year old, her growth handicap has caused her to be rejected by the […]

November 22

Writers Inspiring Change interviews J.P. Dalton, author of Where the Campaign Ends

Here at Writers Inspiring Change we spotlight authors from around the globe, and today, we are interviewing J.P. Dalton, the author of Where the Campaign Ends.   Tell us about yourself, J.P. I’m a married father of three adult children and have lived in the Phoenix area for the past 41 years. While I still sometimes wish my […]

April 06

IWIC Book Spotlight on Buckland Gap – by Charles Wiltshire

Order your copy HERE Read more about Buckland Gap HERE

January 23

Book review of Buckland Gap by Charles Wiltshire

Buckland Gap, by author Charles Wiltshire, is a contemporary fiction based on the real-life depiction of a culture in Portsmouth, south England. It is a tough and challenging read because it walks the reader mercilessly and without apology, through the front door of the life of David, a twenty-two year-old street thug and criminal, who […]

January 13

Book review of The Last Road Home by Danny Johnson … “a compelling read about true friendship, love and the strength and depth of the human soul.”

The Last Road Home by Danny Johnson is an excellent story. Take Huckleberry Finn, To Kill a Mocking Bird and the classic Vietnam war film, Platoon, put them together in a story that relates the gritty and brutal reality of life growing up in the deep south of America during the 1950s and 1960s, when […]

January 09

The Author Spotlight on Danny Johnson author of “The Last Road Home”.

    I wrote my first story at the age of 62, and at 70 had my debut novel published via Kensington. I am from, and currently live in Durham, NC, USA. Since childhood, I always had the desire to be a writer, imagining what a wonderful lifestyle it must be to seclude one’s self […]

January 02

Book review of Tethered Angel … “A captivatingly beautiful story…”

Tethered Angel, by T.M. Brown, is a captivatingly beautiful story, one that captures the reader like a gentle wind and takes them on a journey which must be seen to its end. Set in the 1950’s and the burgeoning sixties, Tethered Angel follows Angel, the center of this story, an African-American teenage girl who is […]

December 30

The Author Spotlight on T.M. Brown author of “Tethered Angel”.

Hi, I’m Tina Brown, pen name TM Brown.  I was born in 1960 in Baltimore City.  In my book, A Life Not My Own, I share the story of my childhood and young adult life.  So, I invite you to check that out. I’ve always been a serious person, always looking to the future.  I’ve […]

November 15

Book Review of THE TRUTH ABOUT FAMILY … “A snap shot into the old world of communist USSR and one boy’s vision.”

The Truth About Family captures the essence of life behind the Iron Curtain, in the old USSR – the forerunner to modern day Russia. It shows the stark reality of young minds growing up in an orphanage under the rule of a Communist manifesto. Young boys and girls who are trying to find a sense […]