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March 16

IWIC’s Hall of Fame spotlight on Annette Oppenlander, author of Surviving the Fatherland

  Our most recent entry to the International Writers Inspiring Change Hall of Fame is Annette Oppenlander – author of Surviving the Fatherland. We did an Author Spotlight on Annette and we recently reviewed her book, which can be seen HERE. We realized in the course of reviewing her book that the amount of work […]

December 22

The Author Spotlight on Mike Blue, author of “The Consumption Cleanse”.

Mike Blue is an escapee from the work-earn-consume hamster wheel. He has been on the road living a simple, minimal life since June 2014 and currently calls a big blue bus named Rosie his home. That bus, which provides transport, a place to sleep, cook, contemplate and write is adrift somewhere in Sumatra, Indonesia. There […]

December 04

What is YOUR goal as a writer?

This is an important question to ask oneself or at least, to remind oneself of as a writer. If you are writing to make money or accomplish fame, you might be successful at accomplishing one or both, but I propose another perspective which possibly supersedes those. Look back at the writers who inspired you in […]