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February 27

Book review: The Book of Kaye (I Am), by Kaye A. Peters

The Book of Kaye (I Am) is a biographical rendering of the author’s life, but more so, about the wisdom and the philosophy that catalyzed in the process, and her own reconciliation with the Universe. There are some nice gems in this book, and her wit will elicit some chuckles along the way. No doubt, […]

April 10

Book review: BORN WITH WINGS: The Immortal Life of Piu Piu (Dance Between Worlds Book 1) by Bianca Gubalke

BORN WITH WINGS: The Immortal Life of Piu Piu (Dance Between Worlds Book 1) by Bianca Gubalke is a fanciful fairy tale that takes place in dreams and other dimensions. It is a story about connections, love and a desire to belong. There are many surprises along the way as this spiritual and inspirational story […]

June 09

Book Review: “The Lost Generation” by Erica Marie Hogan. “A WWI historical romance – Inspiring!”

  The Lost Generation, a book by Erica Marie Hogan, starts before the beginning of World War I and continues until around the 1980’s. It is a story about the effects of war on people, and the emotional journeys of three families and how they are connected even though they are from different lands. It is a […]

May 26

Book Review: Spirituality in the 21st Century by Frank P. Daversa “An inspiring spiritual read.”

Spirituality in the 21st Century, by Frank P. Daversa, is a contemporary rendering, with practical and insightful teaching about how to achieve a more fulfilling and spiritually enlightened life in our modern times. It is nicely written, fluid and easy to read. Although the author underscores his own religious perspective, he also presents a broader […]

April 17

The Author Spotlight on Toby Evans – author of “Dead, but not Gone; Are You Part of the Soul-Bridge To Guide Them Home?”

Tell us about yourself, your background and what inspired your upcoming book DEAD, BUT NOT GONE; ARE YOU PART OF THE SOUL-BRIDGE TO GUIDE THEM HOME? Growing up in the era of “Trixie Belden” books, the long-running series of pre-teen detective adventure stories, I was inspired to explore our neighboring woods honeycombed with caves with […]

April 06

IWIC Book Spotlight on The Oarsman – by Zubin Mathai

Get your copy HERE Read more about The Oarsman HERE

March 20

Book giveaway: The Ant that found God…”A fable of self-discovery…”

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March 15

Book giveaway: How to Survive a Dead End Job, by Wilson Jackson

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January 17

IWIC Hall of Fame spotlight on Cynthia L. De Boer author of Me Myself and Eye

   This week we feature Cynthia L. De Boer in our Hall Fame. De Boer recently published her book, Me Myself and Eye. We featured Cynthia in our Author Spotlight, and we reviewed her book too, which you can see here. As you will see she is not stopping there – she’s continuing to inspire […]

January 12

The Author spotlight on Cynthia Lee De Boer author of “Me, Myself and Eye”

  My name is Cynthia L De Boer and I‘m a freelance writer living in Nevada. I am also a mother, grandmother and wife to the man of my dreams. Colorado is the place of my birth in the year 1960. Just a few short weeks after my birth health issues consumed my life and […]