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January 05

Book Review: Changes – Buckland Gap 2, by Charles Wiltshire

Changes – Buckland Gap 2, by Charles Wiltshire, is the sequel to the book Buckland Gap.  Steven Harding, a former resident of Portsmouth, England, returns home after finishing a lengthy prison term. During his internment he has become a reformed man, with new values in life and the realization that he is also gay. Steven […]

December 31

Author Spotlight: CS Wiltshire, author of Changes – Buckland Gap 2

  IWIC: Tell us about yourself … CS: My name is CS Wiltshire and I hail from Hampshire in England. My work experience is based around the IT industry but in my heart I have always wanted to be full time author. I love creating stories and building fictional worlds. My other loves in life […]

October 31

Book Review: The Downfall of Marriage, by Else Byskov

The Downfall of Marriage, by Else Byskov, might at first, sound like another book about the pitfalls of marriage, however, this one presents a much grander scope on life and existence than one might expect. The author premises most of her material on the works of a Danish author and philosopher by the name of […]

October 25

Author Spotlight: Else Byskov, author of books on the survival of consciousness

  IWIC: Tell us about you. Else: For 22 years I have studied the cosmology or spiritual science of Martinus, the Danish mystic. It is the most complete and logical revelation of spiritual wisdom ever to have been revealed to humankind. To date I have written 6 books in English about this amazing material. IWIC: […]

January 20

Book review of Extinguishing the Light by B. Alan Bourgeois

  Extinguishing the Light by author  B. Alan Bourgeois, is a dramatic rendering which takes a very unusual turn. The book starts out with a pastoral and mild scenario, depicting the life of the main character, JC, and suddenly, without warning, a brutal crime changes everything, landing him in prison for a crime he did […]

January 17

The Author Spotlight on B. Alan Bourgeois author of “Extinguishing the Light”

I have been writing now for over twenty-five years in a wide variety of forms and genres, winning a couple of awards along the way. I have also worked as a publisher for six of those years before creating three non- profits that support authors in non-traditional and progressive ways. I began writing when I […]