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November 15

Book review: Cappuccino Daydreams: Buckland Gap 3, by Charles Wiltshire

  Cappuccino Daydreams: Buckland Gap 3, by Charles Wiltshire is a fictional drama, the 3rd book in this series about  Steven Harding, who grew up in Portsmouth England under the umbrella of a class of poor, indigent and criminal family members and friends, ended up in prison and when he got out, returned to his […]

January 07

Book Review: Winter’s Captive: The Georgia Series – Book 1, by June V. Bourgo

Winter’s Captive: The Georgia Series – Book 1, by June V. Bourgo, is the first in a series about a woman named Georgia, who is pregnant and who finds herself faced by a cheating husband. She decides to leave and stay with a friend in the Yukon. Bad goes to worse when she is kidnapped […]

January 23

Book review of Buckland Gap by Charles Wiltshire

Buckland Gap, by author Charles Wiltshire, is a contemporary fiction based on the real-life depiction of a culture in Portsmouth, south England. It is a tough and challenging read because it walks the reader mercilessly and without apology, through the front door of the life of David, a twenty-two year-old street thug and criminal, who […]

November 15

Book Review of CONTRA-ODESSA … “A revealing and intriguing read with an historical spin which is eye-opening.”

CONTRA-ODESSA is an interesting read on several counts. First, it reveals to the reader the hypocrisy of war and ideologies, as the author pulls back the curtain on how former SS and Nazi’s of Hitler’s regime, escaped to Argentina and bought their way into a society which essentially forgave their black-deeds against humanity because they […]