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June 05

Book Giveaway: “The Lost Generation” by Erica Marie Hogan. Click the link to get a copy.

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June 04

Book Spotlight: “The Lost Generation” by Erica Marie Hogan. “A Novel of World War I”

The Lost Generation: A Novel of World War I, is a journey of three couples from three countries who never would’ve met if not for the war, how they change each others lives and what they witnessed as soldiers in the trenches, nurses in the field hospitals, and wives left home to wait and pray. […]

May 29

Get a free copy of Blessed Curse, by Nancy Sartor. A suspense and paranormal thriller!

Click HERE to get your copy. Read more about Blessed Curse HERE

May 26

Book Review: Spirituality in the 21st Century by Frank P. Daversa “An inspiring spiritual read.”

Spirituality in the 21st Century, by Frank P. Daversa, is a contemporary rendering, with practical and insightful teaching about how to achieve a more fulfilling and spiritually enlightened life in our modern times. It is nicely written, fluid and easy to read. Although the author underscores his own religious perspective, he also presents a broader […]

May 18

Get a free Kindle eBook for “EVIN” – a young adult sci-fi fantasy by A.S. Crowder. Sign up now!

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May 16

Author Spotlight on Anna Smith (pen name A.S. Crowder), author of EVIN, a young adult sci-fi fantasy

IWIC: Tell us about yourself. Anna: I’m a sociology adjunct by day and an author by night – and day. Really whenever there’s time. I’ve got three jobs, so I can’t be picky about when the work gets done. I’m from Huntsville, Alabama, the Rocket City. It’s an area that has an unusually high number […]

May 07

The Author Spotlight on Carole McKee – author of the Testosterone Poisoning contemporary romance trilogy

IWIC: Tell us about yourself. Carole: I grew up in the country just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, so I am a country girl at heart. My home was a large white-frame two-story house that sat on a beautiful acre, filled with pine and willow trees. Life was simple back when I was a child, but […]

April 26

The Author Spotlight on Russell Warnberg – author of “2064 A Warning”

IWIC: Tell us about yourself. Russell: I grew up in Minnesota and at the age of eighteen I shipped out with the Navy. They sent me to an Anti-Submarine Squadron based in Maine. While there I met a young lady, who later was foolish enough to accept my proposal of marriage. We then moved back to Minnesota where […]

April 23

IWIC Hall of Fame: William Beck, author of Crosscurrents

Today we feature William Beck in the IWIC Hall of Fame. William is taking his inspiration to another level. He not only weaves environmental threads into the themes of his books, spotlighting issues which are critical to all of us – but he also works at making changes in the world. Here is his story. […]

April 06

IWIC Book Spotlight on Buckland Gap – by Charles Wiltshire

Order your copy HERE Read more about Buckland Gap HERE