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April 10

Book review: Detour from Normal by Ken Dickson

Detour from Normal, by Ken Dickson, is an autobiographical account about the tragic mishandling of a man’s life. In this true and brutally vivid story, Ken narrates his ordeal, in explicit detail, starting with his admission to a hospital for a medical issue, which soon mushroomed into this burgeoning monster where he was labelled mentally […]

January 19

Featured book: Sugar Reports and Homemade Dill Pickles by Robert B. Riefstahl

Sugar Reports and Homemade Dill Pickles by Robert B. Riefstahl, is a sweet and bitter true love story set during the time period of WWII. This is an amazing tale of Bob and Dee, written mainly in their own words through love letters, pictures and a hidden journal composed while in German Prisoner of War camps. […]

May 16

Review: Aim for Justice by Ken Dickson

Aim for Justice by Ken Dickson, is a brutal memoir about a man who is misdiagnosed with mental issues, wrongly medicated, and who suffers in ways that turns a decent and good life into a true nightmare. There are several messages one could get from this story, the details of which are sometimes difficult to […]

March 29

Book review: Mother Nature: The Short Story Collection Series by Michael Priv

Mother Nature: The Short Story Collection Series by Michael Priv, is a lovely story about how Mother Nature, in her simplistic and yet pervasive way, can change even the most bitter of disbelievers. A short but happy rendering that will leave you with a good feeling. Book review by Writers Inspiring Change  

February 25

Book review: Girl, Taken – by Elena Nikitina

Girl, Taken – by Elena Nikitina is an auto-biographical account of her own true story of being kidnapped and held for ransom for many months. Taken from her home in Russia, she endures months of captivity in Chechnya, and as war breaks out between the Chechnyans and Russia, she is caught in the middle of […]

November 15

Author Spotlight: Shameka “Meme” Green, author of – Beauty From Ashes

IWIC: Tell us about you! Shameka: My name is Shameka “Meme” Green. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I’m currently working as Marriage & Family Therapist and business owner of Emma’s House Inc. IWIC: Tell us about your writing Shameka: I decided to share my memoir to inspire others to overcome their pain. […]

December 07

Book Review of MY JOURNEY THROUGH WAR AND PEACE by Melissa Burch … “This is an inspiring read.”

My Journey Through War and Peace by Melissa Birch is a story about her life’s journey so far. She came from a dysfunctional family and had issues effecting relationships, like so many people do. What was unique was how she worked through her personal growth, always searching, and working hard as a journalist, eventually covering the war […]