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January 04

Now is the greatest period in literary history

To anyone entering the literary arena today, the sheer magnitude of published authors, most of them independent, could be daunting. It’s been estimated that Amazon alone carries 3.4 million books (in whatever format), and that something like 12 new books are added to Amazon every hour, or one new book every five minutes. One could […]

January 19

Author Spotlight: Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, author of Cheerleading for Writers

International Writers Inspiring Change (IWIC): Tell us about yourself … Victoria: My name is Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, and I am the founder of Optimist Writer, a writing, publishing and consulting business. I started my business in October 2015, and until then I specialized at various times of my life in business development, information technology, semiconductor physics, […]

August 24

The Most Inspiring Author Award

  Each year, at International Writers Inspiring Change, we bestow the MOST INSPIRING AUTHOR AWARD to authors of each literary genre in books which we have reviewed for that year. The judges are voting now. Results will soon be published and winners will be announced. The candidates for 2017 are as follows: Romance John’s Pond […]

February 15

The Author Spotlight on Wilson Jackson author of “Things that go bump in the Night: Here there be monsters”.

                                                         IWIC: Tell us about yourself… Wilson: I am married with children and I am from Sumter, SC. I attended Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC I […]