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June 09

Review: November Fox – Book 1: Following Joy: A Metaphysical Visionary Fable, by E.E. Bertram

  NOVEMBER FOX – Book 1: Following Joy: A Metaphysical Visionary Fable, by E.E. Bertram 4 STARS A mystical, visionary fable with whimsical elements and humor. This story is chock full with interesting characters and an entertaining read that involves travels to other worlds on different levels and times, and weaved with imaginative connectivity between worlds […]

April 17

Book review: The Roto-Rooter (The Short Story Collection Series) by Michael Priv

The Roto-Rooter (The Short Story Collection Series) by Michael Priv. This is a quippy, witty, satirical play on a man’s mid-life crisis. Brian is caught in the murk of his own failures, or certainly at least, his perceived failures. Swimming in self-guilt and self-loathing, he is surrounded by negative vibes at every turn. Bad goes […]

April 04

Book review: MAGIC: (The Short Story Collection Series) by Michael Priv

MAGIC: (The Short Story Collection Series) by Michael Priv, is a short story about an old man who tells his grandchildren a bedtime tale about a special amulet, a statuesque, with powers of good fortune to its owner. It’s a quick snippet, a fun story with a twisted turn at the end; and like a […]

February 21

Book review: Babble by Orrin Jason Bradford

Babble by Orrin Jason Bradford, a sci-fi thriller, takes the reader on a thrill-ride as the mother of Bobby, a young autistic boy with a special talent, finds herself caught in the web of some plot to take her son away from her, for reasons she does not know or understand. Government agents from Homeland […]

February 17

Book review: THE REVILED: Book One of the Dark Fey Series, by Cynthia A. Morgan

THE REVILED: Book One of the Dark Fey Series, by Cynthia A. Morgan, is a five star read. It is a fantasy with some very unique characters and an imaginary world. It reflects real life battles between good and evil. There is love, friendship, determination and loyalty. The story is very engrossing, entertaining and an […]

January 24

Author Spotlight: Suzanne Lowe, author of Seventeen.

International Writers Inspiring Change (IWIC): Tell us about yourself … Suzanne: I was born in Perth, Western Australia, and as a young adult, grew up in the small country town of Tom Price, situated in the outback of Western Australia. The summers were often very hot and dusty and I would spend my weekends with […]

October 25

Book Review: MIMADAMOS: The Eden of Choice, by Chadi B. Ghaith

MIMADAMOS: The Eden of Choice, by Chadi B. Ghaith, is a philosophical fantasy about the origins and purpose of man. It is an interesting read, flowing nicely and with characters who are unusual. The story has elements of surprise and awe, the pull of evil and the battle within. This is a book that gives […]

September 10

Book Review of The Grid Warrior by KC Martin

The Grid Warrior by KC Martin, is a science fiction fantasy, that casts the reader into the future, in 2031, when the world of digital games is reaching new highs. In The Grid Warrior, Paul, a programmer and gamer who lives in England, has developed a way to integrate himself into the very matrix of […]

September 04

Author Spotlight on KC Martin – author of The Grid Warrior

  IWIC: Tell us about yourself. My name is KC Martin and I hail from Portsmouth in England. My work history has been varied but interesting. First I was a Chef (still am at home), then I was a Cinema Manager and now I work in IT. In my heart I have always wanted to […]

June 07

Book Review: “Alvar’s Spear” by Charles Freedom Long. “A Star Wars quality sci-fi fantasy!”

Alvar’s Spear, by Charles Freedom Long, a sci-fi fantasy, is Star Wars quality action. Alvar’s Spear takes us into the future where sentient races are at odds, where the ultimate fate awaits entire worlds unless one person, Gar, a hybrid, can find a way to save his world before it is too late. Wonderfully written, […]