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June 01

Our latest book review on Isabella’s Heart, Book II in The Jeweled Dagger suspense and paranormal romance novels.

  Isabella’s Heart by Diane Merrill Wigginton is a five star read! It is hard to express the delight I take in this author’s books. They just get better and better. A love story about real unselfish love and devotion. Very hard to put down and with lots of surprises. The characters begin to feel […]

May 23

Book Review: “Testosterone Poisoning” (Book 1-3) by Carole McKee, “A suspense-filled romance trilogy”

This is a well written fairy tale-like romantic journey with enough surprises to make it hard to put down. It moves at a steady, sometimes fast pace, very enjoyable, never boring. A story about friendships and family dynamics, the kind of lasting love that everyone wants. For the most part it made me happy, with […]

May 14

IWIC Book Review: Closer Together by Juliet C.B. Aharoni … Book 2 in the “Together” adult romance series.

        Set in the late 1950’s in Israel, “Closer Together”, by Juliet C.B. Aharoni, takes us back to a time when post-war emotions are still raw, when a young couple caught in the middle of bitter resentment relocate to an air force base in the Israeli desert. There, Rosalind and Eyal must […]

May 11

Free Book: Testosterone Poisoning Book 1 “A suspense-filled romance trilogy…” Get it now!

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May 10

IWIC Book Review: Angelina’s Secret by Diane Merrill Wigginton – “A five-star read!”

“THIS BOOK GETS 5 STARS This is a love story that takes place in the late 1700’s. It is different from the normal romance story and very well written. Hard to put down and with lots of surprises and a touch of mystery included too. It took me through a full range of emotions from […]

May 09

Free Book: Angelina’s Secret. Sign up to get a free copy of this suspenseful historical romance!

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May 08

IWIC Book Spotlight on Testosterone Poisoning Book 1-3 – a suspenseful romance trilogy by Carole McKee

Complete Trilogy! Who has Testosterone Poisoning? Book 1 “It’s What You Do.” After breaking up with Derek Atwood, Kyla Stanford meets the man of her dreams. Storm Galloway is the most gorgeous man she has ever seen, and Storm can’t take his eyes off of Kyla. They are so right for each other, and they […]

May 07

The Author Spotlight on Carole McKee – author of the Testosterone Poisoning contemporary romance trilogy

IWIC: Tell us about yourself. Carole: I grew up in the country just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, so I am a country girl at heart. My home was a large white-frame two-story house that sat on a beautiful acre, filled with pine and willow trees. Life was simple back when I was a child, but […]

May 06

IWIC Book Review: BETRAYED – by Carole McEntee-Taylor, “A WWII historical romance thriller with twists, turns and intrigue!”

BETRAYED – an historical WWII romance thriller by Carole McEntee-Taylor, is a story that grips you, with lots of twists and turns and intrigue. A lucid and brutal rendering about the horrors of war, racism and hatred where the only light that truly shines is the humanity and love of those who refuse to compromise […]

May 05

IWIC Book Spotlight on “CLOSER TOGETHER” Book 2 in the “Together” adult romance series

In this remarkable sequel to “Together They Overcame“, Eyal and Rosalind piece their lives together as a married couple after the tragic accident that left Rosalind fighting for her life. Struggling to find herself as she slowly recovers, Rosalind returns home with a deeper awareness of what has been troubling her for so long. While […]