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September 11

Book Review: From Cleopatra to Hugo: History’s Most Legendary Love Affairs (Book 1) by A.G. Mogan

From Cleopatra to Hugo: History’s Most Legendary Love Affairs (Book 1) by A.G. Mogan is an historical non-fiction, depicting the lives and loves of some of history’s more notable romances. One cannot help but see, as one reads about monarchies of fame, writers of great repute, or other figures through history, the tragedy of their romantic […]

January 19

Author Spotlight: Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, author of Cheerleading for Writers

International Writers Inspiring Change (IWIC): Tell us about yourself … Victoria: My name is Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, and I am the founder of Optimist Writer, a writing, publishing and consulting business. I started my business in October 2015, and until then I specialized at various times of my life in business development, information technology, semiconductor physics, […]

December 23

Book Review: Think Smart Not Hard: 52 Key Principles To Success And Happiness by Roy Huff

Think Smart Not Hard: 52 Key Principles To Success And Happiness by Roy Huff is a good book for anyone, any age, any placement in life, moreover, anyone who simply wants to learn more. The 52 principles in the book are compartmentalized, neatly presented, with sufficient anecdotal material to give them relevance. Not everyone will […]

November 30

Author Hall of Fame: Shameka (Meme) Green, author of Beauty from Ashes

  IWIC: What was the point in your life when you decided to make it your profession to help others? Shameka: I’ve always had a connection with people. I noticed early on that people felt comfortable telling me their life story. I can give advice when needed without judgement. While completing my Undergraduate Degree in […]

November 27

Book Review: Beauty from Ashes, by Meme Green

Beauty from Ashes: Detroit Raised Me, Got Saved Me, by Meme Green, is an amazing story about resilience and strength. This is a true story about the author herself, who fought to survive and who was challenged to find happiness in life, until she finally understood what was really important to her. After many wrong […]

November 22

Book Review: Expect Greatness, by John Hawkins

Expect Greatness, by John Hawkins, provides some excellent and pragmatic principles for use in excelling in life. In as much as it is motivating to read, the book is not a motivational presentation, so much as a textbook or manual on how to approach life and reach one’s potential. Hawkins starts off with some very […]

November 21

Book Review: Cheerleading for Writers, by Victoria Ichizli-Bartels

Cheerleading for Writers, by Victoria Ichizli-Bartels, is a practical manual on the subject of writing, particularly aimed at those who are thinking about writing or starting on their first writing project. The author pulls back the curtain on her own writing experiences, providing the reader with personal anecdotes which help to illustrate the hurdles that […]

November 19

What is International Writers Inspiring Change?

The International Writers Inspiring Change, (IWIC) was formed in 2016 to spotlight the inspiration of authors from around the globe. Our concept was about putting authors into the spotlight, whether veterans of the trade or new upstarts, it was our goal to expose them and their books to more readers. We offer authors a FREE […]

November 15

Author Spotlight: Shameka “Meme” Green, author of – Beauty From Ashes

IWIC: Tell us about you! Shameka: My name is Shameka “Meme” Green. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I’m currently working as Marriage & Family Therapist and business owner of Emma’s House Inc. IWIC: Tell us about your writing Shameka: I decided to share my memoir to inspire others to overcome their pain. […]

October 31

Book Review: The Downfall of Marriage, by Else Byskov

The Downfall of Marriage, by Else Byskov, might at first, sound like another book about the pitfalls of marriage, however, this one presents a much grander scope on life and existence than one might expect. The author premises most of her material on the works of a Danish author and philosopher by the name of […]