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April 21

Book review: Before the Boy: Prequel to The Moon Singer Trilogy

Before the Boy by B. Roman  – The prequel to The Moon Singer Trilogy  A well written fantasy involving a family which has different beliefs and where life’s ups and downs take their toll on their relationships. Choices are made and the journey begins with several twists and turns. A different type of story involving a fanciful life after […]

April 01

Book review: Dun an Doras: Prodosia, by Gemma Tarr

Dun an Doras: Prodosia, by Gemma Tarr, is a thriller fantasy, bordering on horror genre book, the fourth in the Dun an Doras series. In this book, Ben, Ged, Branna and all the other unlikeliest of bizarre people, aka,  creatures of a different sort, come together to solve the gruesome disappearance of people from Italy to Ireland. It’s […]

November 02

Book review: The Spyglass and The Cherry Tree by Matt Beighton

The Spyglass and the Cherry Tree by Matt Beighton is an enchanting fantasy adventure had by a young girl on summer break. It is filled with exciting travel into another world, a place where she grew to be braver than she ever imagined. Along the way she made lots of new friends, including Goblins and […]

October 05

Book Review: The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham: War of Chaos, by Stephan von Clinkerhoffen

  The Hidden City of Chelldrah-ham: War of Chaos, by Stephan von Clinkerhoffen, is an enchanting fantasy in a world where love and respect prevail. The people work together to help each other. They have to go to extreme measures to fight evil and protect their homeland. An enjoyable read for all ages.   Review by […]

August 27

The Author Spotlight on Gigi Sedlmayer, author of the Talon series

Tell us about yourself! I was born in Berlin, Germany, on 19 May 1944. Escaping to the West before the wall went up, we moved around, a lot, changing schools many times because my father had to go where he could find work after the war. It was not good for me, since I didn’t […]

August 24

Book Review: Dun an Doras Bytheiad, by Gemma Tarr

Dun an Doras Bytheiad, by Gemma Tarr, the third in this fantasy/horror series, is laced with a good dash of frightful and repulsive imagery, as well as plenty of witty and humorous dialogue. The combination is a good balance, and one does not detract from the other whatsoever. The characters in this story are a […]

May 01

Review: Pax Magellanica: Reichworld by Michael Lingaard

Pax Magellanica: Reichworld by Michael Lingaard. 5 stars!   A tale about the possible future of the human race. Interesting possibilities, futuristic travel experiences and exploration of the universe. An awesome concept of colonization without selfish motive. Humans have evolved to a good place, but..! An enjoyable, well-written and entertaining read that gives one pause. […]

April 20

Book review: Dun an Doras: Gurduk (Book 2) by G. Tarr

Dun an Doras: Gurduk (Book 2) by G. Tarr. London becomes the focal point for a paranormal invasion in this intelligently written book. A brutal killer is taking the lives of women in some bizarre and sinister plan to create the perfect bride from the souls of history’s most powerful women; Jack the Ripper’s soul […]

April 19

Book review: Little Red Riding Hood: A Health-related Fairy Tale (The Short Story Collection Series) by Michael Priv

Little Red Riding Hood: A Health-related Fairy Tale (The Short Story Collection Series) by Michael Priv. This short story, besides being humorous and simply fun to the last word, is a parody, a complete flip on a classicial fairy tale, one which takes another road altogether and spotlights one of the great ills of our […]

April 05

The Author Spotlight: Gemma Tarr

Writers Inspiring Change: Tell us about yourself! Gemma: I’m a bit of an introvert, to be honest! Books were always a friend I could turn to when I didn’t have any answers; if I wanted a quiet few minutes to escape to another world I knew I could always pick up a book. I learned […]