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October 22

Book Review: Unbridled Commentary … Without Flinch, by Kaye A. Peters

Unbridled Commentary … Without Flinch, by Kaye A. Peters, is the kind of read that reminds us that entirely new chapters can be started at any time in our journey, opening doors to vibrant life, new horizons and renewed drive. The author, a “woman of years in the “middle” of her life, as she puts […]

October 17

Book Review: Easy Meditation With SKY, by Joy Kim

Easy Meditation With Sky, by Joy Kim, is a very simple yet inspiring read, filled with beautiful quotations collected from around the world and through time, which help one to reflect on life, on happiness, on oneself and on the moment. One can easily read this book in one-sitting, and just by flipping open a […]

October 16

Author Spotlight: Kaye A. Peters, author of Unbridled Commentary…Without Flinch!

IWIC: Tell us about you! Kaye: I am a ‘woman of years’ (80+) who, at 78 began a splurge of life! In an emotional whim I began my blog,, “The interactive Passage of Energy Between Us”, and here, a bit over two years later, I have published my first book, Unbridled Commentary…Without Flinch!. I […]

October 07

Book Review: Natural Enemies by Warren Adler

Natural Enemies, by Warren Adler, was a very difficult book to put down. It is an intense and emotional ride, and very gripping too. This is a story of a couple’s journey through many trials which challenged their love to the max. Good story-telling and a lesson on what real love can do, no matter […]

October 04

Book Review: The Cosmic Bullet: The Enigma Series Part One, by Andrew C. Broderick

The Cosmic Bullet, The Enigma Series Part One, by Andrew C. Broderick, is a futuristic outer space adventure. The story moves along at a good pace, never boring and with some edge-of-seat moments too. Without any spoilers, the story involves two brothers who have opposite views on what should be done with the Cosmic Bullet […]

October 02

Author Spotlight on Ani Right, author of Happiness for Beginners: The Power of Positive Thinking

IWIC: Tell us about you. Ani: I am a European freelance journalist, currently living in Beijing, China. I am a travel-addict – having visited 118 countries in the world, I am still full of plans for the future. I love meeting new people, discovering cultures, reading books and watching movies. I am a foodie as […]

September 25

Book Review: A Crash-Course in Chinese Cuisine and Tea, by Ani Right

A Crash-Course in Chinese Cuisine and Tea, by Ani Right, is a great book to take with you to an authentic Chinese restaurant so you know what to order. It would also be handy when travelling, particularly in places where Chinese food is prominent. The book also provides great details and information about teas and useful […]

September 23

Book Review: The Road to Amistad by Ken Dickson

The Road to Amistad by Ken Dickson, is a saga about one person’s walk through life. It is an interesting story, and while depicting the journey he has undertaken, and the experiences he has, while also seeking-out others walking the same path as he, the book keeps a focus on the important issues in life. The […]

September 17

Book Review: Living the Life by S.P. Chockalingam

Living the Life by S.P. Chockalingam, is, as the title implies, a manual about life. The author walks the reader across the broad spectrum of life, covering the three pillars, the body, the mind and the spirit. He takes on, in big bites, the ills which face humanity in each of these zones, everything from […]

September 10

Book Review of The Grid Warrior by KC Martin

The Grid Warrior by KC Martin, is a science fiction fantasy, that casts the reader into the future, in 2031, when the world of digital games is reaching new highs. In The Grid Warrior, Paul, a programmer and gamer who lives in England, has developed a way to integrate himself into the very matrix of […]