International Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Cosmos End


*** 4 STARS ***

Cosmos End, by K.C. Martin, is a space-opera with all the bells and whistles. What starts out as a contemporary thriller, suddenly ramps up to a science fiction, as Robert Moth, a man who differs from every one else; that is, he is immortal; something others will kill to get. After repeated near-death encounters, he meets someone who offers him the opportunity to escape it all. Robert accepts the exit-plan, rockets off into space, and what follows is a saga that spans eons, as he spawns a new race of humans who follow him across the Cosmos. New planets are colonized, entirely new cultures and alliances are created – but then come the brutal wars, as a militant species decide there isn’t enough room in the endless Universe for any others. Fast-paced, with lots of thrills and action, the story stretches the envelope on mediocrity – opening the mind to a new concept about the end-game.

IWIC Reviewer

About K.C. Martin

KC Martin hails from Portsmouth in England. His work history has been varied but interesting. First, he was a Chef (still is at home), then a Cinema Manager and now he works in IT. In his words he describes his passion; “I have always wanted to be a author. I simply love writing and creating fiction. My other interests are keeping fit, running, kayaks, radio controlled boats and motorbikes.” 


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