International Writers Inspiring Change feature book: Polar Meltdown by William Beck

World War III? A global thriller.

Moscow…In the early morning hours, a knock sounds on the hotel room door of submarine commander, Andrey Roztovski. When he opens the door of his room, his world changes forever.

The Arctic harbors vast wealth beneath its cold waters. Every country bordering the area wants to lay claim to oil and mineral rights. As tensions rise globally, a group of individuals seeking financial gain by bringing the planet to the brink of WWIII have embarked on an audacious plan. In New York City, the United Nations is in turmoil. While behind the scenes in Washington D.C, the DIA Director along with the President have become involved in a conspiracy to bring an end to the unfolding drama. Their hope all depends on one man. Andrey Roztovski.

After Bryson McGann’s heated performance before a Senate subcommittee, NESSA Director, Randal Sumner, spirits McGann out of town to a NESSA research vessel of the coast of Greenland. In the midst of a raging storm, a small Canadian cruise ship, the US Navy, a deadly Russian sub, and a NESSA research vessel are headed for a grim showdown.

As a battle for survival rages, it is up to Bryson McGann to end the madness before the world tips past the point of no return.

$4.99 for Kindle book HERE

$13.95 for paperback HERE

About William Beck

William Beck was born near the shores of Lake Erie, in Jefferson Ohio. His parents moved to Bradenton, Florida, where he spent a good deal of his life. It was in Florida, where Beck developed his affinity for the ocean, sailing, and scuba diving. 

The author has an intriguing list of interests. His involvement in the martial arts has spanned more than thirty years, and he holds the rank of Sho Dan, in Go Ju style karate. Beck’s affinity for the sea inspired him to become a PADI certified scuba diver and underwater photographer. His zeal for this endeavor has led him to various locations and adventures around the globe. More importantly, Beck is a United States Army veteran. His personal experiences garnered from those times led him to practice in the medical field upon leaving the military. William Beck now devotes his full time to writing. 

William Beck’s life accomplishments have aided greatly in his ability to write, dynamically influencing his style. Possessing the talent to weave intriguing entanglements, Beck’s plots serve up realistic impressions in the scenarios he has penned. Beck has published his first five novels inn the Bryson McGann series. The titles are H.A.A.R.P.’s FuryRed 7, Caribbean AgendaCrosscurrents, and Polar Meltdown. The author’s efforts to promote these plausible thrillers have included numerous book signings in various states, as well as U.S. military bases, TV and radio appearances. 

Beck’s spinoff suspense series featuring archaeologist Jess Colton in The Judas Coin, ties into the Bryson McGann series and has received accolades from multiple NYT/USA Today Bestselling author, Tom Carter. “Not since The Da Vinci Code has such riveting suspense touched sacred beliefs and myths.” This acclaim from Susan Wingate – Amazon bestselling author. “…With powerful writing, gripping and suspenseful, Beck’s The Judas Coin is a must-read.”

The author has also embarked on a prequel series for the Bryson McGann novels. Solemn Vow and Uncommon Valor The first two novellas are published featuring Bryson McGann and Joe Canton in their military days prior to joining NESSA. These story stories provide background to themes and characters in the main series.

William Beck currently resides in Hendersonville, North Carolina with his wife Rebecca. When the author is not writing, he enjoys spending time with family and friends. He can often be sighted hiking the mountains of North Carolina or enjoying time in Florida.

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