Finding Sustainability by Trent A. Romer


Finding Sustainability: The Personal and Professional Journey of a Plastic Bag Manufacturer, by Trent A. Romer, is an eye-opening discourse about something that is critical to our lives and to the lives of future generations. The author, also the owner of a packaging company that uses plastics, describes his journey, a very recent one, as he delved into a subject that both defined his family’s company, and held its fate – the future of plastics. Romer takes us on a journey as he investigates, without bias, the effects of the plastic industry on the environment, the alternatives to fuel-based plastics and the reality of shifting a global platform to one that uses bio-based “plastics” which are recyclable or biodegradable, and not harmful to our planet. He introduces us to the concept of a “circular economy” vs a “linear one”. For decades, we have operated on the “linear economy” – the idea that resources were unlimited and with no concerns for the environmental impact of our waste. Today, as people get more educated on the environmental downside of plastics, for instance, the “circular economy” becomes the obvious choice for companies, for government regulations and for consumers, one where we all must operate the same way that Nature does – that is, everything that grows can be consumed and then can be integrated for use again. As the author stresses, education on sustainability is a vital part of changing our ways, and this includes redefining such terms as “garbage”, which in the “circular economy” is not seen as waste, but as a “resource”. An important read for anyone.

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