The Rose Well Files, by David Luddington

Quirky, witty and funny!

The Rose Well Files: A Tale of Woozles and UFOs, by David Luddington is yet another one of his quirky, witty, entertaining novels that takes the reader down a road (no spoilers) following the daily adventures of a man who happens upon a community that is, well, to put it mildly, comprised of the eccentric, those who live off the grid, those who cater to them, and the rest, an odd bunch of seemingly lost souls. The narrative is chock full with humorous dialogue, off-beat, almost dystopian in nature, and yet, the theme grows on you, as the author cleverly enters bits and pieces of the puzzle, until, in the end, one sees that all these oddball players have a role on this stage involving aliens, strange discs, bombs and WW II fighter planes. Luddington has a way of presenting normality as amusing, absurd, satirical and just plain fun – somewhat reminiscent of Monty Python tells. Read the book – it doesn’t disappoint, and the ending is not what you think it will be.

iWIC Reviewer

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