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It goes without saying that we are proud of our platform, providing a means of spotlighting writers from around the globe and helping to inspire minds through literacy. In the past decade alone, with the advent of self-publishing platforms, the rocket-rise in digital eBooks, social media and the internet, the world has also seen an astronomical vault in the number of authors and books published. There is no time in the history of this world, at least the recorded history, when it has seen such a boom in writers and published works. There are many ways to look at this, but at International Writers Inspiring Change, we see it as a positive cultural sign, a healthy diagnostic that our world, culturally speaking, is becoming more interested in the arts, creativity and advancing ourselves, than in war, conflict, racial discrimination and other ills. If every book inspires someone, or plants a seed for change or improvement, that is an unstoppable ripple-effect that will echo down the corridors of time to come. So, as always, our hat is off to you, the writers and authors out there, veterans or novices. Keep it up. 

The IWIC Editorial Team

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  1. Lovely. I have taken the liberty to forward this to some writers who may not already be on your list.


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