International Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: A New Life, by H. Berkeley Rourke


 “A unique story about a man waking up to total silence and being buried in his bed after a disaster. 

His ability to cope and start an entirely new life is amazing. 

A great story of love and endurance against terrible odds. 

A great read.” 

iWIC Reviewer

About H. Berkeley Rourke

Berk Rourke was born in Douglas, Arizona on August 28, 1938. His careers were in teaching 8th and 9th grade students initially and then as an attorney for a total of some 40 years. He began writing as a cathartic exercise and enjoyed it so much that he continued with multiple efforts now being published for the first time. His life has known very few limits and his writing in at least two genres now has not known limits yet.

Author page

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