International Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Dun an Doras: Yokai, by Gemma Tarr

The iWIC review of Dun an Doras: Yokai

Dun an Doras: Yokai, by Gemma Tarr, the 6th in this series, continues the bizarre folklore, fantasy, comedic horror about a group of cryptids who face their greatest challenge of all. A cryptid is a creature which folklore claims existed, but for which no substantial proof exists, including werewolves, banshees, mermaids, trolls and so on – and yet, this very group of monster hunters and killers, work together to face a creepy distortion, like a living wave that permeates the village, eventually, the whole world, and which this handful of dysfunctional and odd-ball set of creatures, must solve to the end of saving the world. As with the earlier books in this series, it’s filled with lots of fun, witty and often times, ponderous dialogue, with bloody and gutsy scenes where creepy crawly toothy things attack and rip people up or whatever. In this final book, the end is not anything one expects – in fact, it is a complete twist, and one that gives this series an honorable send off.

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