International Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Dying Art, by Joe Kilgore

Dying Art, by Joe Kilgore is one of those books that just stands out in the crowd. A murder mystery in the Brig Ellis Saga series, this book is written with so much color and vivid allegorical content, that the best way to describe it would be to take a painters palette and simply throw it against a blank canvas – the resulting animated splash of colors would come close to describing the excellence of his writing style. I was holding onto each word, not wanting to miss one stroke of this writer’s brush, in this bizarre story about, ironically, an artist who paints using the ashes of dead people. Brigg, ex-military and now a Private Investigator, is contacted by an old flame, asking him to provide private security for her husband, and artist, who, while a rising star, is becoming progressively vulnerable because of his unconventional art style. Brigg agrees, and the story that ensues, brilliantly written, has the most unexpected twists and turns, vividly detailed, leaving the reader panting in some scenes. Highly recommended.

Release date: 18 May 2021

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About Joe Kilgore

Joe Kilgore is an award-winning author of novels, novellas, screenplays, and short stories. One of his stories was selected by the Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library for its Literary Journal. Joe lives and writes with his wife, an accomplished artist, in Austin, Texas.  

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Visit his website HERE

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