International Writers Inspiring Change feature review: Talon, Windsong, by Gigi Sedlmayer

A must-read series!

Talon, Windsong, by Gigi Sedlmayer, is the latest in a wonderful series about a young girl and a condor family in Peru. Matica’s father, who is a teacher, left Australia to teach in a small village in Peru. They have been there 8 years. The stories are so enjoyable for people of all ages. Stories include the growing relationship of a village with the family of Matica and the condors. A must read series.

“I just love this author Gigi’s books, and this one “Talon Windsong” is amazing.” – Marie

“A heartwarming story, told with a note of innocence.” – Uvi P.

“This is a great addition to the Talon series of books.” P.S Winn

About Gigi Sedlmayer

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