International Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Millie Mae Speaks Up To a Bully Today, by Roxann Biesack

Powerful truth – inspiring!

Millie Mae Speaks Up To a Bully Today, by Roxann Biesack, is a short children’s story about Millie Mae, who is the victim of a school bully, who is very upset and confused about what do about this situation. She confides to her secret friend, Squeaky, a frog, who listens and then coaches her on how to deal with the matter. Simple as this story may seem, it carries a powerful message, showing that bullies, at whatever age, not just childhood bullies, can be exposed by throwing the spotlight on them and showing them for what they are. Moreover, that bullies are the product of their own environment and familial scene – showing us that compassion and understanding for their situation is part of the formula for resolving the matter. It’s a cool story, and even as an adult, it resonated with me because of my own past. I would recommend this book to anyone – and certainly for children who will probably cross paths with a bully at some point in their lives.

About Roxann Biesack

As a young teenager, I observed the struggles of intellectually challenged students in school. This led me to volunteering at a state institution for challenged children and adults and soon a much enjoyed job there. When my own four children were young, I owned and ran a daycare, which added to my interest in the welfare of all children. Through these experiences I observed how being bullied affected children, and sadly, how the experience stayed with them, affecting their choices in life. This prompted me to write my book, “Millie Mae Speaks Up To A Bully Today”. Presently, our children are grown and my husband, Paul and I have 6 grandchildren. we live in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Visit her website HERE

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