International Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Prove it: Murder in the Mix, by Hannah R. Kurz

Prove it: Murder in the Mix, by Hannah R. Kurz, is a witty and fun murder mystery. When I say fun, it isn’t in reference to the murder itself, but rather, the manner in which Steph, the main character, goes about finding the murderer. Steph’s friend, and owner of her favorite bakery/cafe nearby, is found dead. Police chalk it up as an accident, which in itself is pretty weird, as they claim his tie was caught in a mixer and he was strangled. Steph doesn’t buy it, and frankly, who can, so she starts her own investigation. We follow this obstinate woman, through her daily life and routines, taking care of her newborn and juggling other duties, all the while, putting herself at risk as she uncovers one clue after another and eventually finds the killer. It was a surprise, for sure. Like I said, it’s a fun read, entertaining – but a slow burn. You won’t get to the punch line fast, but it certainly builds up, like dough rising in the oven, until the cake is ready. Take a read.

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