International Writers Inspiring Change new Hall of Famer; Elena Nikitina, author of Girl Taken

The International Writers Inspiring Change ( or iWIC) Hall of Fame is where we spotlight authors who have inspired us. The operative word is INSPIRATION. When an author who has used our service, stands out, as having inspired others for change, we review their candidacy for our Hall of Fame. The criteria has nothing to do with the quality of their writing, nor even the status of their sales. The Hall of Fame is where we place writers, of any genre, who have clearly demonstrated through their work that they are helping to bring about positive change in the world, which aligns to our platform as our name implies.

Elena Nikitina, author of Girl Taken is our most recent Hall of Famer. Her story, Girl Taken, a best-seller, details her ordeal, having been kidnapped by a group of criminals in Russia, held for eight months as a prisoner, abused and wondering if she would ever survive the ordeal. Her story imparts the details of her harrowing experience, but moreover, a message of hope. She has spoken on radio and television and been the subject of considerable media about her story.

More recently, in the wake of her success as an author, she wrote the book, From Zero to Hero, where she provides very useful information and the details so that other writers can use them to improve their own success.

We found her work to be inspiring, and her dauntless desire to survive her ordeal, is later reflected in her drive to get her message of hope out to the rest of the world.

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