International Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: From Zero to Self-Published Hero, by best selling author, Elena Nikitina

From Zero to Self-Published Hero, by Elena Nikitina, is a practical, useful and compelling read. As an author myself, I have read many presentations over the years by authors and book gurus who offered up tips to those brave enough to venture into self-publishing. For new authors breaking into this field, such advice is like water to someone stranded in a desert. Self-publishing has removed the shackles which earlier tethered burgeoning authors from ever getting off the launch pad; but at the same time, without a formal publishing house to muscle one’s book(s) in front of readers, self-publishing comes with a price – you’re on your own. Elena’s book provides excellent tips, with detailed descriptions of how to apply them, along with plenty of examples based on her own success, to help make it easy for anyone to follow. It also provides a sincere and compelling hope factor, that no matter how dark the clouds look, just keep at it, keep following the process, and eventually, the sun comes out. The fact that this book is also salted with pieces of her own true story of surviving a kidnapping incident earlier in her life, adds a sense of realism and credibility – especially considering that her book went on to become a top seller. Any author, veteran or new to the field, looking to self-publish, or even augment their current out-reach campaigns, would benefit from this read.

About Elena Nikitina

 Elena has written a memoir GIRL, TAKEN – A True Story of Abduction, Captivity and Survival about her experiences and her book wins Gold literary award in 2019 Global E-book Award competition.  Website

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