International Writers Inspiring Change featured book review: Orang-U-Can, by Gloria Trubbshore

Orang-U-Can, by Gloria Trubbshore, is a twisted tale, seemingly an innocuous story about the daughter of the wealthiest man on Earth, who takes over managing their failing football (soccer for North American readers) team, and, well, before you know it, you are reading into the depths of intrigue, assassinations and global power plays that take you into an all-out property war on Mars. Trubbshore has both a rich imagination and an equally rich vocabulary. The story, which starts out slow, suddenly spikes into something one could not have seen coming. Besides being a good and entertaining read, with an ample salting of murders, sexual escapades and more, the author does a really good job of describing scenes, so well that it easily lends itself to placing the reader in the narrative. While the book is thematically centered on Orang-U-Can, the name of the football team that starts out in the doldrums, and is soon catapulted up the ladder, the author gives no warnings when she suddenly veers off the road onto another, casually tossing the reader onto another stage, all of it with a connectivity which does come together. Don’t let the cover image fool you; this book has a lot happening, far from being just about a football team, and more, quite frankly, about the global power plays and the dynamics of the world in the not too distant future. In fact, the author presents many interesting concepts along the way, such as what happens in the wake of global warming, the shift in morality about food, the transmutation of global politics and national alliances, and the colonization of Mars, and more. Definitely worth the read.

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