International Writers Inspiring Change book review: Stolen Pasts, by Charles Wiltshire

A story about the power of lies and love

Stolen Pasts, by Charles Wiltshire, presents the reader with the story of an estranged father, and his son – and the secrets which have torn them apart for so many years. When Danny, now an adult and living his own life, decides to track down, James, his father, whom he hasn’t seen since he was a child, and who went to prison for physically abusing him and his mother, the story that unfolds is not the story he had played out in his mind. What he discovers is a frail man, sick and dying, filled with remorse about things he supposedly did to his family, but which he cannot remember having done. This is a story about enduring bonds, about the power of lies and truth, and about the essential good in all of us, even those, who, driven by fear and a sense of self-preservation, commit horrible crimes against others. When the truth is outed – this seemingly tragic story takes a turn altogether. A story that shines the light on the inner soul in all of us.

About Charles Wiltshire

 Charles Wiltshire hails from Hampshire in England. His work experience is based around the IT industry but in his heart he has always wanted to be a full time Author. He loves creating stories and building fiction worlds. As he says, “I want to inspire in all the belief that ultimately good will prevail over evil and we can all change for the better. Also, it is never too late to change one’s direction.” 

Visit the Author website

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