International Writers Inspiring Change featured book: Stolen Pasts, by Charles Wiltshire

A strong moving story

Two men, one a father the other his son. The father has spent time in prison for badly beating his mother and son. Since then, he has become a homeless drug addict and an alcoholic. Now, with just over one year to live he resides in a hostel and he can barely remember anything about his past.

The son has grown up hating his father and most of his mother’s boyfriends. Now, a university graduate with his first career job and his first flat he decides it is time to confront his father and ask him why he treated him and his mother so badly.

When they meet the encounter does not go to plan and the outcome is not what either of them expected. How will they survive as their pasts are exposed and the truth is not always as clear as they once believed it was?

Stolen Pasts is a story about how historical facts can be forgotten and replaced by lies and assumed events fueled by anger at the time. People have a strong capacity for forgiveness and sympathy and this is a central theme in this strong, moving story.

About Charles Wiltshire

Charles Wiltshire hails from Hampshire in England. His work experience is based around the IT industry but in his heart he has always wanted to be a full time Author. He loves creating stories and building fiction worlds. As he says, “I want to inspire in all the belief that ultimately good will prevail over evil and we can all change for the better. Also, it is never too late to change one’s direction.”

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