International Writers Inspiring Change book review: The S-BAHN Murderer, by A.G. Mogan

 The S-BAHN Murderer, The Hunt for and Confession of Paul Ogorzow, by A.G. Mogan, portrays the long and detailed hunt for Berlin’s woman killer during World War II. The investigator is plagued by a continuous string of gruesome murders, of women, victims of a serial killer whose motive and pattern evades capture. When they do finally catch up with him the grisly details of every murder and the shocking deeds he waged upon his victims, haunts even the mind and soul of the man who has hunted Ogorzow down. To the very end, no remorse is shown by this psychopath, only pride that he, Ogorzow, was a true member of the Nazi party. The story goes on to reveal even more behind the scenes brutality by those who hunted this man, a reality that is hard to accept today, and yet, is the narrative of a world only 80 years ago. Well-written, Mogan, as with all her stories, manages to humanize even the most tragic and despicable characters from the Nazi regime, and moreover, the fate of those who followed in the footsteps of a mad man intent on wiping out an entire race of humanity. A very good narrative on police investigatory work. 

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