International Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Thalia – The New Generation, by Mari Collier

Great read as the rest of the series has been

Thalia the Next Generation: Chronicles of the Maca: Book 7, by Mari Collier
Yet another wonderful adventure into the history of the Maca – the world of Thalia, with its twists and turns, and many separate agendas and secret groups disrupting the harmony of the Thalian way of life. This world has high standards and rules that benefit the people, but there is an undercurrent of resistance to fairness resulting in suffering when a  selfish group attacks it. Great read as the rest of series has been. Very enjoyable.

About Mari Collier

Mari Collier was born on a farm in Iowa.  Since then she’s lived in Arizona, Northwest Washington (on the banks of a river), and moved to Southern California after retiring from Nintendo of America.  She is the curator for the Accessions Committee at the local Historical Society and writes two columns for the Old Schoolhouse Museum.  She also volunteers as a docent at the Old Schoolhouse Museum.  Visit her web page.

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