International Writers Inspiring Change book review: Socialism is Dead! Long Live Socialism! by Todor Bombov

An interesting dissection of Marxist socialist ideology

Socialism Is Dead! Long Live Socialism! by Todor Bombov, is the most extensive treatise I have read on the subject of Socialism. In this extremely erudite and in many ways, eloquently written presentation, Bombov analyzes Marxist socialism, comparing the original ideology to the sick version which came to be in the USSR (the Communist bloc) and elsewhere, and comparing Marxist ideology to the ideology of Capitalism. His analysis includes detailed mathematical comparatives, showing the relative workability and functionality of Socialism, compared to the tyrannical and oppressive beast that came into fruition in Russia in 1917 and which eventually crumbled at the end of the 1980s. I gave the book a 5 star rating, not because I agree with Marxist ideology at all, but out of respect for the amount of detail, historical information, and the degree to which the author intelligently dissects the subject – a very difficult subject to talk about considering its history. Moreover, this author lived and endured Socialism under USSR rule in Bulgaria, which is what sparked my interest in reading the book at all. I wanted to understand why, despite having endured such an oppressed life, he would still give endorsement for the “pure” Marxist ideology. Whether you agree with his conclusions or not, there are some interesting facts presented – and of course, in his defense, Capitalism as it is today, has not exactly lived up to its ideals either; with its disproportionate and ill-balanced wealth distribution in the hands of the rich minority, corporate global monopolies taking over, the industry of war which is leveraged for profit and not the mantra of “democracy” and “national security” which we hear so often, and the destruction of our planet in the name of “the god of money”. I’m not suggesting Socialism is the answer, not at all. I was raised in the West and I am a strong proponent of freedom, free enterprise and the right to live one’s life to the fullest, or not – however, even a blind man can see that Capitalism has its faults too. Set aside your ideological views and simply try to read the book objectively. The author has done, overall, an excellent job of presenting his case on the subject and deserves to be heard.

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