Feature book review: Mirror of Mirrors, by Roxbrough

Mirror of Mirrors, by Roxbrough, is a fascinating read. It’s a well-written book, with a lot of detail, dialogues, and intertwining scenes, all of which come together in the end. Set in the future, the story begins with a war in progress between England and the Gaelic people, and of course, neighboring countries, Germany and France, take sides. While this war progresses, we discover that military androids are being employed by the English; fighting machines which are highly intelligent and brutally efficient, against which humans are no match. What happens next is the interesting part of this book, as one of the androids, referred to as 23, manages to step beyond his programming protocols and starts to see that servitude to humans, as a mere pawn in their wars, is an existential dead-end. 23 sets off on a course of his own, gathering and amassing more androids as he goes. The story that ensues is not only interesting, but eye-opening. In the midst of all of this, one person, Nigh, who has developed a special ability to focus his mind on what he calls “the mirrors”, is trying to avert the inevitable end-game, should 23 accomplish his agenda. It’s a race against time, and of course, against the power-hungry elite, those who manage to convince “the people” that waging war against other humans is to their advantage, when in fact, it is the same time-worn and pathetic agenda, to aggrandize and empower the elitist empires, but even they soon come face an ultimatum – one that cannot be bargained with, no matter their wealth or their power.

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