Int’l Writers Inspiring Change feature book: Homo Cosmicus, by Todor Bombov

In 1989 the Brazilian student Paulo Roberto was abducted by a “flying saucer.” His captors are representatives of a super developed civilization inhabiting the star Cygni 61, which they call Omeron. This is civilization-parent of the terrestrial one. For an earth man such as Paulo this is a strange and completely unaccustomed world in every respect.

On this planet money and states do not exist. They have withered away; the same way as verbal speech has withered away, too, replaced by telepathy. In this civilization things are accomplished by the direct exchange of energy–without money, as well as the direct exchange of information–without speech; all are united in a common energy-info exchange.

These humans look somehow not so solid, not so heavy, pale, and faintly gauzy. They are an odd society of slightly lucent at times yogis. They have transparent blood and unknown metabolism. But even the bravest visionary’s dreams cannot vie with this reality–for these humans can fly! Yes! These nondescript supermen, almost imperishable and ethereal, soar through the air like biblical angels. In 2023 Paulo comes back to the Earth. What does he find here, and what happens with him then?

About Todor Bombov

 Todor Bombov lives in Varna, Bulgaria, the town called the Pearl of the Black Sea. VISIT AUTHOR WEBSITE

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