Feature book review: My Alphabet Friends, by Dr. Moneshia Dashiell


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My Alphabet Friends by Dr. Moneshia Dashiell, is a learning book for young children, teaching them letters of the alphabet and associating each letter to things they commonly see or hear around them. When one considers the importance of literacy, the ability to read and write and to communicate to others, such a book can play a vital role at a young age. It can stimulate and inspire children to learn and that, in itself, stimulates the motivation to reach out for one’s dreams. Without literacy, children are boxed in, their potentials shackled, and their future options can be greatly minimized . My Alphabet Friends is an easy book to read, fun for kids to learn from, and certainly worth investing in for one’s children as something to read to them each night to help spark the creative drive within.


Author Spotlight - Moneshia Dashiell

About the author

 Dr. Moneshia Dashiell is a summa cum laude graduate from Christian Bible College and Seminary with a G.P.A of 4.0. She currently holds a bachelor degree of Christian education, masters of Christian education, and a doctors of Christian education. Dr. Moneshia Dashiell is certified to educate children and adults, she is proud to be a graduate of Christian education. On February 23, 2014 Dr. Moneshia Dashiell became an International book author for the first time in her life. Dr. Moneshia Dashiell is a 2013 & 2014 Black Essence Awards Nominee and recipient. Recently Dr. Moneshia Dashiell was nominated for THE 2015 BLACK ESSENCE AWARD for international author, children’s author, and solo gospel artist of the year. 

Visit her web page HERE



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