Feature book review: Homo Cosmicus, by Todor Bombov, a speculative and existential science fiction


Homo Cosmicusby Todor Bombov, is a speculative and existential science fiction novel that takes a deeper look into the society and culture of our times. When a man is taken by an alien race visiting Earth, he soon discovers that his “captors” have no intent of harming him, but in fact, of revealing to him a higher order of society and existence, one that Earth can eventually become, where people are not shackled by conventional paradigms and are free to exercise their full, as yet, untapped potentiality. This is not a story with a lot of action. Rather, it paces quite moderately, with occasional thrills, but is largely focused on the experiences of one man who starts to see existence through new eyes, and who is then returned to Earth where he experiences the cultural shock of the two worlds. He must learn to adapt his sensibilities to things which have been revealed to him by the alien visitors. There are some excellent insights, dialogues and passages which take a look behind the curtain of our current culture, asking the important questions of “what if” and “why” and more. Homo Cosmicus is a philosophical and existential treatise, on a sci-fi platform, but in the end, one begins to wonder, how much is science fiction and how much is inevitability.


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