Book review: Detour from Normal by Ken Dickson

Five stars

Detour from Normal, by Ken Dickson, is an autobiographical account about the tragic mishandling of a man’s life. In this true and brutally vivid story, Ken narrates his ordeal, in explicit detail, starting with his admission to a hospital for a medical issue, which soon mushroomed into this burgeoning monster where he was labelled mentally unfit, detained, drugged and robbed of his rights as a citizen. It will both shock you and disturb you that medical practioners were so inept and morally deficient that they nearly destroyed a man’s life. I don’t know how Ken managed to remember the dialogues and details as he did, but the courage it took to reveal the story to the world is worth five stars. It’s an important exposé about just how dangerous drugs can be when wrongly administered.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change


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