Featured book: Whatever became of Sin? by Barbara Roman

On a flight to Washington D.C., the past twelve years of Michael Warren’s life begin to unravel. An environmental lobbyist, Michael is on his way to testify before a Senate Committee, and destroy the plans for a housing development built on land tainted with the same toxic waste that killed his six-year-old daughter, Dominique.

A cassette handed to Michael by a stranger on the plane changes everything. Michael is sidetracked to New Orleans, where he learns a disturbing truth and faces the most difficult decision of his life: shall he expose those responsible, or compromise to save another child’s life?

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Reader reviews:

“Gut wrenching and captivating.” Eva.G.

“A great read.” Patricia S.

“One of the author’s best.” P.S. W.

“Riveting.” Diane Mae. R.

Barbara Roman


Author B. Roman (aka Barbara Roman, for children’s books) has been in the creative arts since childhood, when she began singing as well as writing. Her music has always informed her writing subject matter in both fiction and non-fiction works. She is also a composer and lyricist.   Her professional writing career began as a fine arts publicist, newspaper feature writer, and author of books and fitness articles on the power of music.

She is the author of the Moon Singer series, an inspirational adventure trilogy for the YA market, which includes The Crystal ClipperThe War Chamber, and The Wind Rose, as well as the trilogy prequel, Before the Boy.  She has also penned the suspense fiction, “Whatever Became of Sin?” Her two children’s books are “Hubert in Heaven – a hi-tech angel gets his wings” and “Alicia and the Light Bulb People in Star Factory 13.”

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