Book review: Camp Scoundrel: Doing what it takes to survive paradise, by David Luddington

Five stars

Camp Scoundrel: Doing what it takes to survive paradise, by David Luddington

Camp Scoundrel is a wonderfully humorous read, full of wit and poignant satire. In this very entertaining story, we follow a handful of people, accused of crimes of different types, who are sent to a remote location in Spain where they must survive by their own skills and wit, on the land, for 6 months, in lieu of serving their terms in prison. The Justice Department in the UK is trying this method as an alternative means of rehabilitating them. But nothing goes as planned, and this unlikely group, who have the combined survival skills of a house cat, must figure out a way to endure their term, while convincing the Justice Department that they are in fact doing what they were sent to do. The dialogues are just fun from start to finish, reflective of Luddington’s usual flippant and insouciant  style of storytelling. You will chuckle yourself to sleep. Highly recommended.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change


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