Book review: Murder in the Pachysandra, by Linda A. Lavid

Five stars

Murder in the Pachysandraby Linda A. Lavid, introduces us to Hattie Moon, an elderly woman who lives alone with her cat and has private conversations with her dead husband, and yet, who remains otherwise lucid of mind. So much the case, that one day, when she finds her paperboy’s body in her backyard, and police jump to a conclusion about his demise, Hattie’s sharp eye and mind take her on another road. She begins to follow the meager clues, and despite repeated warnings from the detective on the case to cease and desist, her hawkish sense refuses to let go. Besides being a wonderful story about Sherlocking the truth, this story is filled with humorous dialogue as Hattie Moon goes on the hunt for the murderer. It’s a fun book, and it holds the reader to the very end to find out “who done it”.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change


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