Featured book: Sugar Reports and Homemade Dill Pickles by Robert B. Riefstahl

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Sugar Reports and Homemade Dill Pickles by Robert B. Riefstahl, is a sweet and bitter true love story set during the time period of WWII. This is an amazing tale of Bob and Dee, written mainly in their own words through love letters, pictures and a hidden journal composed while in German Prisoner of War camps. The story depicts the heroism of the 707th Tank Battalion in several battles including the Hurtgen Forest and the Battle of the Bulge. It follows Company A, 3rd platoon into the village of Hosingen, Luxembourg where orders are received to “Hold at all cost.” This battle became known as the “Alamo of the Ardennes.” The story also tells of life in small towns in the United States during the war. Much like the famous “Rosie the riveter,” Dee joins the war effort in a defense plant. Despite the tragedy of war, the real story is a beautiful romantic tale of an incredible couple that lived and recorded it in “Sugar Reports.”

“What a great story of what it was like to be a tank driver and POW in WWII and a sweet love story that started because of it.”  Mary H.

About Rob Riefstahl

Rob Riefstahl and his wife Cindy,  in Hawaii during R&R from Vietnam. The year was 1967 and another sweet and bitter love story was in the making. Their own personal experience with “Sugar Reports” served as an inspiration for this book. They have been married over half a century and are blessed with two daughters, one in heaven, and two sons. At present, their family includes six granddaughters and a grandson in heaven. They also enjoy nine great-grandchildren, four boys and five girls. Rob, a retired Product Design Engineer, and Cindy, the Pastoral Minister at their church, reside in the small town of North East, Pennsylvania along the shores of Lake Erie.




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  1. I was fortunate enough to see some of Robert’s original drafts of this book, which is another great addition to World War II literature of the human side of the conflict, as it affected the (turned out to be not so) “average” Americans. Well worth reading.


    1. Charles, I appreciate your positive comments and for introducing me to this website. Sales have increased since the book was featured. Thank you, Rob


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