Book review: How Dare the Birds Sing

Five stars


how dare the birds sing updated (1)

How Dare the Birds Sing, by Marina Osipova, is a compelling story and historical fiction. Set in pre-WWII Russia, Lyuba, a young and impressionable Russian girl, falls in love with a German pilot. Bonds are created between them which seem inseparable until war strikes and Germany invades Russia under Hitler’s rule. The story that ensues takes the reader through war-torn Russia, as Lyuba’s innocent life is suddenly turned upside down and she finds herself fighting the invaders, and eventually, caught in the web of NAZI dominance. Will the love between her and a German pilot, now turned enemy to the state, endure? Will her innocence be transformed by the brutality and pervasive death and destruction all around her? The closer one gets to the end of the book, the faster one flips the pages to find out what will happen. Recommended to both historical ficton lovers and romance lovers.    Author website

Review by Réal Laplaine – author of The Other

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