Now is the greatest period in literary history


To anyone entering the literary arena today, the sheer magnitude of published authors, most of them independent, could be daunting.

It’s been estimated that Amazon alone carries 3.4 million books (in whatever format), and that something like 12 new books are added to Amazon every hour, or one new book every five minutes.

One could view that as daunting, because how does one attract attention to one’s works in such a vast ocean of them, but there is another way to look at this. Whether self-published or published through a conventional publishing house, we, as authors, are part of the greatest literary wave in the history of our world.

At no time over the millennia have so many works been published in so many genres – and at such a rate.

Sure, it can be overwhelming trying to catch the attention of readers in that avalanche,  but on the broader picture, it is a tremendously positive sign that our culture has vaulted the literary threshold unlike ever before.

The internet, self-publishing platforms and other factors have contributed – permitting the creative juices of aspiring writers to be catalyzed into a published work.


Of course, with the tidal wave of books, one must also consider that in some areas of the world, readership is dwindling, such as in America; but, it is rising elsewhere, such as in India, Thailand and China, and remember, America represents only 330 million of the 7.7 billion people in our world. It’s a big marketplace, and with education levels on the rise, international readership will continue to rise.

Authors are part of the advance guard, inculcating the world with their inspiration through words – the ripples of which will touch the lives of people in ways we cannot ever fully know, but which will most certainly help to raise the bar on literacy and spark new ideas, new creations, new visions and a heighened consciousness that will help to break down the societal barriers that foster ignorance, racism, hatred and war.


Virtual games, be damned, they will never win the battle over our minds, not as long as authors write and publish.

Keep writing, keep publishing – and let the magic do the job for you.

People will find your works. You may not become a top seller, but a selling author is a selling author, and it means you are reaching people – and that in itself is a ripple for change.

Good writing!








Article by author Réal Laplaine

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