Writers Inspiring Change book review: Grid Wars, by KC Martin


Grid Wars, by KC Martin is a cyber fantasy. A sequel to The Grid WarriorGrid Wars follows Paul, an IT specialist who has created an entire cyber world where humans can be transplated to, a world without violence, crime or hate, the virtual paradise. Unfortunately, as we all know too well, there are those with other agendas, and Commander Chang, who now rules Earth in the wake of the collapse of modern civilivation, is intent on taking the grid world for his own use. What ensues is a brutal battle, on a massive scale, as Paul and his small army face an immense invasion force. Filled with cyber weaponry and tricks that any gamer will certainly appreciate, the end game is played out, one where Paul’s paradise and hope for humanity will win, or where the tyrannt Chang will eviscerate all hope of freedom. A good read.

Review by Writers Inspiring Change




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