Writers Inspiring Change book review: Dead, But Not Gone – Are You Part of the Soul-Bridge to Guide Them Home? by Toby Evans

Five stars

Dead, But Not Gone – Are You Part of the Soul-Bridge to Guide Them Home? by Toby Evans, is a remarkable accumulation of true-to-life stories, techniques and principles surrounding a subject which previously would have been relegated as purely paranormal, but which today is being experienced by too many people across the globe to be so easily dismissed. Toby Evans takes the subject of disembodied spirits, (people, who have not yet crossed over from their recent or past life) to the next chapter of their existence, and takes us down a road which dispels many false ideas about death sharing that when we die there is a transition, and that sometimes people get caught in that phase, unable to let go of their former life.
With a generous spicing of detailed stories by people who had loved ones or friends or associates, or even complete strangers, who were stuck to them or hanging around after death, Toby shows the reader how exactly she and others have tackled the issue, making something that seemed esoteric and possibly only the domain of shamans and medicine men, into something that anyone can learn. She shows us that the job of being a crossing-guard (her term for someone who assists people to cross-over to the next spiritual domain) can fall on anyone’s shoulders, providing they have the sensibility to perceive disembodied spirits and are willing to help them in their passage to the next level.
What is interesting about this book, having studied many texts on spirituality and out-of-body-experiences, is that this is the first book I have seen which detailed the association of other spirits, or souls, and even dark-entities which latch onto people and leverage their fears, doubts and lower-based emotions as a means of controlling the mental state and health of their hosts. This is a concept I have only seen presented in one other place, and Evans does a brilliant job of showing us that dark-entities or spirits clinging to others, are not about exorcism and or weird religious rites, but in fact, they are a common factor which people generally are unaware of because of the focus of our culture on only the 3rd dimensional world we see around us, and not the other higher frequencies which are the domain of the human spirit.
No matter one s religious affiliation or beliefs, or whether one concedes that the human soul is entirely separate from the bodies we lug around every day, the fact remains that the material provided in this book clarifies the subject and puts a spotlight on an essential part of our existence death. We are born and we all die eventually, and yet, no one hands us a manual that explains what will happen to us when we die, and why it is important to tie up loose-ends before passing away so that we are not afraid of the journey or resistant to making it for fear of losing loved ones or what might happen.
Read this book even if you don t agree with everything the author presents– you will be hard-pressed to not find yourself reflecting on the more fundamental truths which are weaved within.
This is a five-star read a book which belongs on the top shelf of self-help and spiritual texts and possibly even a manual that should be handed to every kid when they are of age to understand the inevitability of death and the fact that it is only a door to another life, a path with countless thousands, maybe even millions of such doors which we have all passed through because that perspective takes away all the fears and reminds us that our journey is for eternity and not the one-life-package which mediocrity attempts to sell us.

Review by Writers Inspiring Change




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