Book review: Cappuccino Daydreams: Buckland Gap 3, by Charles Wiltshire



Cappuccino Daydreams: Buckland Gap 3, by Charles Wiltshire is a fictional drama, the 3rd book in this series about  Steven Harding, who grew up in Portsmouth England under the umbrella of a class of poor, indigent and criminal family members and friends, ended up in prison and when he got out, returned to his hometown to start a new life. In this 3rd book, Steven is faced with new challenges as he tries to redefine himself – work place corruption and the imminent loss of his closest friends. Cappuccino Daydreams puts us in touch with a darker side of society and the author holds back no punches in his narrative, drawing the reader’s curiosity page after page to see if Steven will weather the storms, or fall back into an old lifestyle again. It’s an inspiring story about a reformed criminal trying to find his place in society.

Review by Writers Inspiring Change




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