Book review: True Grandeur, by Cal. R. Barnes


True Grandeur, by Cal. R. Barnes, is a sort of film noir style romance and melodrama, reminiscent in its style and detail, of The Great Gatsby – depicting  the travesty of the rich, the wanna-be-famous, and the starlets who hold onto the coattails of men and use their glamor, their sex appeal, and their thirst for a lifestyle that such provide. Conrad Arlington, a successful writer, living in Hollywood, casts a young blond for a role in his story, and soon finds himself so captivated by Gracie that he becomes obsessed with her. Gracie, a petite, alluring and bewitching woman, lures Conrad into her world of parties, theater and high-rollers, always keeping him at a distance, but baiting him just enough so that his growing love for her becomes his jailer. Conrad’s life spins out of control as the elusive and mysterious woman fades in and out of his life, and his obsession for her very nearly drives him to the end, until he discovers the truth.

Review by Writers Inspiring Change



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