Feature Book: The Silver and the Green by Mari Collier

Feature Book Promotion - Mari Collier

What are readers saying …

Five Stars

“I loved the characters of the two seekers, Brother Amos and Jack Donald who are on an amazing journey. One that takes them from war to love and takes readers into the world of survival as the silver and the green find their way through a new and different life.”

Five Stars

“Mari Collier pens a series that is part believably historical (with an alien twist) and part science fiction … This is Book 2 of the Chronicles of Tonath, preceded by Man, True Man, which I have also read with interest… This book is phenomenal and chock full of history.”

Mari Collier

More about Mari Collier

Mari Collier was born on a farm in Iowa. Since then she’s lived in Arizona, Northwest Washington (on the banks of a river), and moved to Southern California after retiring from Nintendo of America. She’s on the board of the local Historical Society and part of the Desert Writers Guild of 29 Palms, CA.

For more information about Mari and her books, please visit her website at:  www.maricollier.com