Book Review: The Raven Flies at Night (Father Gunter, Demon Hunter, Book 2) by Janine R. Pestel





In The Raven Flies at Night, the 2nd book in the Father Gunter Demon Hunter series, the reckless demon tracker is back on the trail of another sinister ghoul. He just can’t help himself – he’s driven by the image of his own sister being abducted by some satanic creep, and Father Gunter is determined to wreak vengeance on the underworld. Together, with his buddy Robert, the two follow a trail of strange deaths, coming face to face with a kingpin in the hellish swamp. If you like ghouls, life-sucking demons and the ultimate showdown between man and demonics, this is the book for you. Put on the coffee and start reading.

Book review by Writers Inspiring Change



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